Friday, March 18, 2011

This Weekend's Free Downloads!

Still tearing it up. Going back to my dark and evil roots. If you dig the TMPR and Urbane releases, these two tracks will definately tickle your fancy!

HellNegative - The Saints

Chase & Status ft. Delilah - Time (HellNegative RMX)

More From HellNegative


Phone: (702)374-4136

Affiliations: FAP, Obnoxiouz Distortion, Urbane Radio, TPUG, GhostWire Productions

Labels: TechnoMoshpit, Pound Recordings, Rockers Dub/175, Dirt Lies & Audio, Accomodus, Intensive Recordings

Curent & Upcoming Releases:
-Disgusting (Full Album)
Available at
-Fourth Kind (Featured on The Swanky Hustlas EP from Rockers DUB)
Available on BeatPort March 24th, 2011
-Friday (Debut Release on Dirt, Lies & Audio)
Available at
-Wicked (Featured on Tokyo Women Drum & Bass Session Volume 1)
Available at

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Chase & Status Remix

Check it! Still a work in progress, but this is looking to be super sick!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Here's some super dirty for you!

HellNegative - The Fifth Element (Limited Download) by HellNegative

Saturday, February 12, 2011

[Techno Moshpit - 100245 00] HellNegative - Disgusting Out Now!

Label: Techno Moshpit
Cat No.: 100245 00
Date: 02/12/2011

HellNegative - DISGUSTING
With the elements of Jungle, DubStep, and HardCore, "Disgusting" pushes the boundaries of Drum & Bass to a new limit. The Basslines are heavy, the kicks hit hard, the Synths are Sharp, and the overall mood is full of evil. Be prepared for something that is truly dark, dirty, menacing, and Disgusting!

Pick up your copy today at

1. HellNegative - Wicked (6:23)
2. HellNegative - Trippedout (5:19)
3. ROAM - Once Again (HellNegative RMX)
4. HellNegative - Eaten (5:21)
5. HellNegative - Living Terror (6:24)
6. HellNegative - Nightmare (5:34)
7. HellNegative - Disgusting (4:12)
8. HellNegative - Boogaloo (5:22)
9. HellNegative - Pure energy (2:36)
10. HellNegative - Kick It (5:47)
11. HellNegative - Deep Dark (3:50)
12. HellNegative - Disco (3:34)
13. HellNegative - Chronic (4:01)
14. HellNegative - STD (2:53)
15. HellNegative - Touch (5:18)

More info at!/TechnoMoshpit

Also featured on the Album is ROAM (Leader of the Las Vegas FemCore movement).

Thank you all for your continued support!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Upcoming Releases

Fourth Kind - March 2nd on Rockers Dub
Monster - March 19th on Pound
Monster (Trixxx RMX) - March 19th on Pound
Hit The Road - March 19th on Pound
...Trixxx - Break This (HellNegative RMX) - March 19th on Pound
Monster (Toofer RMX) - TBA on Intensive Recordings
Firday - TBA on DLA BLack

As always, you can get more info at

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Urbane Radio

We are 24 hours a day on Urbane Radio featuring Sinful Sounds on Sundays from 2-6pm, X Sessions from 10pm-Midnite Monday thru Thursday, and Junglism every other Saturday from 4-8pm.

All time are Pacific and Due To Change to fit Special Events.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Creep (2010 Edit)


Kick It

Tripped Out

Africa (2010 VIP)

Far east Movement - Like a G6 (HellNegative RMX)

Pure Energy

EZ Rollers - Tough At The Top (HellNegative DUB Re-Edit)